Tuesday, 8 November 2011

And the Idea changes again........

SOOOOO yesterday me and my team of Fred and Matty and Abid decided that we are going to throw the idea of Emily Rawlins out the window.
So we decided that we needed to come up with another idea and fairly fast, so after much discussion we came up with the idea of Finding out who this Principal really is?, so we had a discussion with Dave and Raised the question with him, who is the Principle of this college, He had met him a few times and it seemed like a good topic to do, so after we decided to do some research into who he was and where he would be if we needed him. After looking Peter Taverner up he seemed to be a boring normal Headteacher and our idea deflated as fast as it inflated and we was back to the drawing board again. So after mind mapping a few ideas with Dave we came up with an idea that will incorporate the students that was coming in for Peter's Lesson on Tuesday's to be filmed for a live Music Shoot. So we decide that we would interview the students and ask them what they felt would happen from meeting us and what they thought of how it was going to be like working with us.
 So this is going to be considerable easier than our last two ideas as all the resources such as guests and actors for the VT are on our doorstep, so we will be able to get out guests for the news package and also be able to interview musician's as they come in to practise for the January Assignment. The project should be seemingly fool proof as there will be lots of acts and someone is bound to want to be on camera talking about there creativework and how they felt showing it us.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Interview Techniques

We finally came up with the idea that we was gonna film josh on his obsession with Apple and this is what we came up with, some good editing from me and this is the end product.

Interviewing Techniques

Today we have to come up with an idea to be able to improve our interviewing techniques, we have to film an interview and look at using different "rules of thumb" to be able to achieve this,

  • We are going to use the five shot rule, where for every scene we are going to shoot the scene with five different shots, this way we have covered our back when we come to editing the interview.
  • We are going to get a few cut aways of various things that we need that relates to the subject of our interview.
  • We are going to come up with a small script so that we cover all areas of the production.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Charlie Brooker:How to report the news

A Charlie Brooker show that shows how to make a news package.

Filming Techniques

Im going to look at what techniques i am going to use to film this news package, i want to have the news package look a bit more informal because of how its about a paralympic hopeful, and she is a student, i want to do it in the style of shows like the one show or the wright stuff, so im gonna look at some examples on youtube then post them on my blog.

After looking ive decided i want to an studio based show like The One Show or Daybreak, that will involve a studio interview with cut aways of Emily Rawlins performing at sports city and a studio interview with her in college

Why Emily Deserves To Be Funded For Her Athletic Career

Emily Rawlins

Why Emily Deserves To Be Funded For Her Athletic Career
Noteworthy Performances
2010 3rd INAS-FID European Championships, Hammer; 1st Mencap National Championships, Hammer & Shot
2009 1st Mencap National Championships, Hammer, Shot & Discus
2008 1st Mencap National Championships, Shot
Emily started athletics through the Sportcity Academy in Manchester and initially showed talent in the Shot Putt. At the Mencap England squad her potential in the Hammer was spotted and she was encouraged to focus on that event. 2010 saw her GB debut where she competed at the European Championships and gained PB's in both the shot and Discus as well as a well deserved Bronze in the Hammer.
Emily is now a member of Sale Harriers in Manchester and regularly competes for the club in a mixture of fixtures. In her spare time she has taken her field officials qualification and supports the club at a range of fixtures.

Places She Has Been And Performed

From Manchester Piccadilly Station

Sheffield – £16.50

Watford - £76.50

Lincoln - £37.40

Preston - £10.10

Sportcity – Manchester

Glasgow – £58.50

Blackpool - £14.30

Blackburn – £12.40

Derby - £22.10

Varazdin, CRO - £279 To Pula In Croatia - £279 To Pula In Croatia

The Olympics In Manchester College

The Olympics In Manchester College

For our news report we will need to find out about "into work" project that Emily is a part of, this project is based on helping herself and others find work after leaving the college. We hopefully will be setting up an interview with Emily to hear her thoughts on the olympics, her preparation for the games and about her recent success also about transport to certain area's and why the financial support is needed and where has it came from in the past. The questions we will hopefully be asking would be:

1. What are you looking forward to most in the Paralympics this year?
2. Is it more beneficial that that it is in England for transport?
3. Is it tough work still attending college also training for the Paralympics?
4. How does it make you feel that you are representing your country, city and college and does that add to pressure?

Response to the Brief

Response to Brief

The first part of our 'News and Current Affairs' Package that we have been set as our first group-based television project. For the assignment, we are required to write and produce a News package production.

There are only a few rules:
- The assignment has to be an informative package that is relevant to The Manchester College
- Has to follow some of the rules and conventions that are used in contemporary news packages
- The sequence must be between 30seconds and 1 minute

We responded to the brief by sitting in our group and discussing possible angles that we could approach this assignment from. We brainstormed our ideas using knowledge that we already had of The Manchester College to see if our combined knowledge could create a unique, interesting and informative news story. We looked at fairly broad and general topics in the hope that we could find a new angle on

Monday, 10 October 2011



Research Assignment

I have been givin a group with matty and abid and fred, and we have to come up with a news package for out assignment, we took to it straight away and mind mapped a few ideas, But with a turn on of the macs and a quick flick to the college website, we seen the news of Emily Rawlins who is our celebrity of the college, being a paralympic hopefullist, we took this and our ideas are growing

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ive just watched the class's projects and i have some competition i liked Jacks and Andrews the best, they had some good transitions, when looking at other peoples work i can see i needed to improve mine such as the sound quality the lighting and the general shots and cutaways.
Just finished my project on Final Cut Pro, I'm quite expeirence on final cut pro but with out the right shots and cut aways sometimes its hard, i found because we didnt have enough takes of each scene it was hard to piece together a proper product. Next time i will make sure i get lots of shots and more footage.

I found a very nice titling under master templates that makes the footage look like its off the news it is called Basic Lower Third PAL.

Third week

Just got into Uni and made a Blogger for Dave Gee, time to have a look around the blogger site be back shortly.