Tuesday, 8 November 2011

And the Idea changes again........

SOOOOO yesterday me and my team of Fred and Matty and Abid decided that we are going to throw the idea of Emily Rawlins out the window.
So we decided that we needed to come up with another idea and fairly fast, so after much discussion we came up with the idea of Finding out who this Principal really is?, so we had a discussion with Dave and Raised the question with him, who is the Principle of this college, He had met him a few times and it seemed like a good topic to do, so after we decided to do some research into who he was and where he would be if we needed him. After looking Peter Taverner up he seemed to be a boring normal Headteacher and our idea deflated as fast as it inflated and we was back to the drawing board again. So after mind mapping a few ideas with Dave we came up with an idea that will incorporate the students that was coming in for Peter's Lesson on Tuesday's to be filmed for a live Music Shoot. So we decide that we would interview the students and ask them what they felt would happen from meeting us and what they thought of how it was going to be like working with us.
 So this is going to be considerable easier than our last two ideas as all the resources such as guests and actors for the VT are on our doorstep, so we will be able to get out guests for the news package and also be able to interview musician's as they come in to practise for the January Assignment. The project should be seemingly fool proof as there will be lots of acts and someone is bound to want to be on camera talking about there creativework and how they felt showing it us.