Friday, 13 January 2012


I feel that the VT we produced has been rushed a bit and feel like we did not get enough interview questions and footage of the interviewee to be able to pick and choose what footage we would like in the final edit, other than that we had lots of cut away footage to inter chop with the interviews, the over all VT looks rather good, it is informative and is a very good attempt for out first VT. The Lower Thirds used within the program is fitting for the VT as it has a music theme, as each letter looks like the fret board of a guitar. It's safe to say the overall feel of the VT was very informal and student like as i did want to bring this across in the whole show.

Directing this VT was easy it was a basic put the talent in a corner make sure the light was good on him and that he was not too exposed and shoot, we came up with the questions before hand so that we could design the cut aways based off what the talent said, I kinda felt like i did most of the practical work for this assignment whilst other people sat back but maybe this is because i'm so enthusiastic about the practical side of a production.

Final VT

This is the final product from the VT, the audio for the Music Student is a bit chopped but this was the best i could do as there was a echoed room at the time and we didn't realize until the talent was gone.
I reduced the echoing a bit and raised the sound from the band playing.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Music Students

Within this module we are doing a news package and within Dave Gee’s Lesson we are designing the VT that goes into the news package, our VT will be about the music students that are coming to practice for the January Practical.

My Main role within this VT is to be a Director as I feel I am most efficient within this role, in this role I will be supervising the visual content and deciding how the film will be shot, and manage the creative side of this production.  I feel with the knowledge and experience I have on shoots and because of previously doing similar productions I feel I can be the best in this role.

So with regards to the feel of the show and how the VT was shot was all up to me and this is where i put my knowledge from previous projects into context. I decided with my collegues that we should do a behind the scenes camera to help us have the cut aways we needed to give the VT some bulk. I used my DSLR on a Fig rig and got Fred and Matty to film what was happening on the floor and the control room, This when cut with the interviews made the feel of a  VT as the interviewee was talking about how the practice shoots went and then we cut it so taht it showed what he was talking about.

The other role i under took when we was making this VT was the role of Editor, the reason why i did this role is because at the time i was editing for a competition for the BBC and the other people in my group liked how i edited and thought it would be wise if i edited for the VT too, and also i do enjoy editing as i feel like i can make the VT how i want to make it. I used Final Cut pro to put all the footage together off my DSLR. I struggled a bit with the Titling but then i realized from previous projects that it was just as simple to use the presets already in Final Cut Pro, I used Font from to get a good font.


Our broadcast is to be about students from different subjects that are working towards a common goal. During the 1st term of our course, our tutors kindly created a mutual relationship between students from our Broadcasting course, and 2nd year students from a Music course. In the media industry, it is essential for all aspects of audio and visual to come together and work collaboratively. This project is allowing us a jump start into this industry as both parties can benefit from the exchange. The media students are given subject matter to film, and music students are given an oppertunity to have their performances immortalised to tape. This is common practice in the production of music videos and often, production companies offer musicians the oppertunity to create a music video and to create a symbiotic relationship in which both companies can benefit.
We plan to document this process over the next month, in order to produce an informative news package that explores the expectations and relationships of students from both courses during this process. We will be filming the sessions in which both parties are involved, documenting the relationship and recording 1 on 1 interviews to find out about the personal experiences and expectations that our involvement with each other has produced.

We are going to produce approx. 2 mins of footage that will include the both the Music department and the Media department, by using a representative from both courses, in this case on the media side it will be me who is going to be interviewed about how the project is going and how i felt about the processes that was used.

From the other courses we will use a person who is going to perform for us in January for there assessment and we are going to ask him similar questions, this will then be inter cut with behind the scenes footage of what happened when the students of the lever street campus came to perform for a practice at the fielden campus in our studio.

For the over all package of this project which includes Dave's Assignment and Ricardo's Assignment im looking for a style that is very laid back and very informal, Ive just come across a Video that is similar to what id like my show to be like.

So this is an american show it has a very informal feel to it and has couch's and a coffee table.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Content And Style

As the VT is going to be used inside of a news Package for Ricardo, i have stuck to an orange feel, i like the colour orange as it has a natural feel and contrasts well with many different colour's, the other reason i am using this colour is because i have a interview that is shot on a black background and orange will easily standout for the name straps on the lower third.

The style of the show will be of similar to the One show and the wright stuff as that encompasses how i want the audience to feel, i want them to feel as if they can relate to the news we are bringing rather than them feeling like its the same old news, also i want the audience to be able to get involved with the news and for them to thing i could do this.

The font we are using for the VT is a downloaded font from it is called Distracted Musician, It looks a lot like a fret board which i thought would fit appropriately in with the theme of the show also it is bold and stands out. We do not have a logo for the VT but we do have a logo for the show. as the Vt will go straight from the presenter i did not see why we should have a logo. The transition from shot to shot will be using straight cuts but when it comes in for the Vt and exits we will use a standard Fade.

Target Audience

Our target is to provide a news package that is informal with a chatty style such as 'The One Show" that will talk about the musician's experience of working with people from a different campus. We will also be looking at the contrast; with the broadcast students telling us how the feel the practice shoot went and whether they are looking forward to the further shoot in January.

The target Audience for this News Package will mainly be Male and Females who are interested in up and coming bands within Manchester, Main Audience will be people who are aware of The Manchester College Ustream and also people who are regularly on The Manchester College Website. The Geographical analysis of the Audience is of a Middle Class background of ages between 16- 35 and of Male and Female Sex.