Friday, 13 January 2012


I feel that the VT we produced has been rushed a bit and feel like we did not get enough interview questions and footage of the interviewee to be able to pick and choose what footage we would like in the final edit, other than that we had lots of cut away footage to inter chop with the interviews, the over all VT looks rather good, it is informative and is a very good attempt for out first VT. The Lower Thirds used within the program is fitting for the VT as it has a music theme, as each letter looks like the fret board of a guitar. It's safe to say the overall feel of the VT was very informal and student like as i did want to bring this across in the whole show.

Directing this VT was easy it was a basic put the talent in a corner make sure the light was good on him and that he was not too exposed and shoot, we came up with the questions before hand so that we could design the cut aways based off what the talent said, I kinda felt like i did most of the practical work for this assignment whilst other people sat back but maybe this is because i'm so enthusiastic about the practical side of a production.

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