Friday, 6 January 2012

Content And Style

As the VT is going to be used inside of a news Package for Ricardo, i have stuck to an orange feel, i like the colour orange as it has a natural feel and contrasts well with many different colour's, the other reason i am using this colour is because i have a interview that is shot on a black background and orange will easily standout for the name straps on the lower third.

The style of the show will be of similar to the One show and the wright stuff as that encompasses how i want the audience to feel, i want them to feel as if they can relate to the news we are bringing rather than them feeling like its the same old news, also i want the audience to be able to get involved with the news and for them to thing i could do this.

The font we are using for the VT is a downloaded font from it is called Distracted Musician, It looks a lot like a fret board which i thought would fit appropriately in with the theme of the show also it is bold and stands out. We do not have a logo for the VT but we do have a logo for the show. as the Vt will go straight from the presenter i did not see why we should have a logo. The transition from shot to shot will be using straight cuts but when it comes in for the Vt and exits we will use a standard Fade.

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